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Job Title: General Manager, Direct Technical Support Unit
Billet No: 16-1000-01
Reports To: Director, Technical Department, Headquarters
Location: Riyadh

Summary Statement:
The Direct Technical Support Unit (DTSU) provides staff support to the Director, Technical Department and the Director, Engineering Support and Research Department. Within the DTSU, ten experienced naval engineers utilize their general engineering knowledge, their particular engineering background, and their managerial experience in the definition and the implementation of RSNF policy regarding ship acquisition, maintenance, modernization, and repair. Their work consist of developing staff solution to problems and proposal including the preparation and coordination of implementing letters, directives and actions. The General Manager exercises administrative and quality control over all staff work prepared by these engineers. He may be required to operate Personal Computer for Performing, Word Processing, Spread Sheets, Database Management, Communication by modern (Fax, E-mail) or by Network, and Graphical presentations.

Baccalaureate degree in Mechanical or Electrical engineering. Higher qualification in an engineering discipline desirable.

Twenty five years associated with the operation, construction and/or maintenance of naval ships. At least five of those years should have been involved with the maintenance, overhaul and modernization of ships at a repair facility. In addition, five years of the total requirement must have been served on a major headquarters staffs or company offices in management positions related to naval ship maintenance or modernization. The incumbent must have the ability to manage a highly skilled and diversified staff. Computer knowledge and experience to satisfy the requirements of the Summary Statement is desirable.

Physical and/or Other Requirements:
Prior to occupancy of this billet the incumbent must have passed a complete physical examination and a complete dental examination. Must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking English.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Gaining approval for developing, and articulating broad plans of action to be staffed and followed by assigned naval engineers (25%).
Reviewing and approving the staff work of assigned engineers prior to its submission to the Director, Technical Department or the Director, Engineering Support and Research Department (25%).
Supervising the performance of staff engineers (25%).
Supervising the performance of the staff support personnel (translators, accountant, secretaries, and clerk typists) (5%).
Managing the administrative routine of the DTSU in the performance of its mission (10%).
Note: In performing all of the above duties and responsibilities, the incumbent follows the principle of "complete staff work." That is, all assigned tasks are reviewed analytically, all possible solutions considered, a course of action most appropriate to the situation selected, and a letter or memorandum implementing that course of action is prepared, coordinated prior to submission to the Department Director.

The RSNF may designate this billet as a training billet. The incumbent will be required to impart his knowledge of duties and responsibilities in such a manner as to permit assimilation on the part of the RSNF trainee. Performs other duties as assigned.

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Job Title: General Manager
Billet No: 204-1020-01
Reports To: SRF Commander
Location: Jubail

Summary Statement:
The General Manager is responsible for managing the Ship Repair Facility. The incumbent is authorized to maintain liaison with all departments of the RSNF, US Navy and contractor personnel necessary to fulfill his duties and responsibilities. The incumbent shall impart to RSNF designated personnel the unique characteristics of the position.

Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline. Master’s degree or equivalent in an engineering discipline desired.

Twenty (20) years experience in progressively responsible positions in ship maintenance and repair, to include:
a) Program/Project Management experience: 12 years; including 3 years as a Program/Project Manager.
b) Senior management level (General, Planning, and/or Production Manager/Officer) Navy Shipyard/Ship Repair Facility experience; 4 years.
c) Navy shipboard experience as Department Head; 4 years. Eligible for US Secret Security Clearance.

Physical and/or Other Requirements:
Prior to the occupancy of this billet, the incumbent must have passed a complete physical and dental examination. Subject to occasional exposure to hot and humid environment. Must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking English.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsible for performing the following management functions necessary to direct and control the SRF:
Performing dry-docking and authorized shipwork in connection with the construction, conversion, overhaul, repair, alteration, activation, inactivation, and outfitting of naval ships and crafts (40%).
Performing repairable work in connection with repair, restoration, refit, refurbishment, and overhaul of repairable systems, equipment; component, and modules (20%).
Providing logistic support to activities and units of the Operating Forces of the RSNF and naval shore (field) activities, as assigned by competent authority (10%).
Performing work for other Saudi Government departments and agencies, private parties, and foreign governments as directed and authorized by competent authority (10%).
Ensuring the safe execution of all work performed by shipyard personnel to prevent casualties to personnel, ships, and equipment (20%).

The RSNF may designate this billet as a training billet. The incumbent will be required to impart his knowledge of position-related skills, duties and responsibilities in such a manner as to permit assimilation on the part of the RSNF training.

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Job Title:Industrial Maintenance/ Construction Superintendent
Billet No: 2002-002
Reports To:
Location:Raleigh Durham

Summary Satement:

A.S. construction Management, Engineering or another technical field preferred

A minimum 10 years working within an industrial construction or industrial maintenance atmosphere.
A minimum of 3 years supervising construction or industrial maintenance tradesman, subcontract organizations, and service provider

Physical and/or Other Requirements:
Capable of climbing ladders and stairs, working at heights in excess of 20ft, lifting 50 pounds, walking or standing for periods of more than 1 hour.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Safety minded with a thorough knowledge of OSHA standards
Vast knowledge of techniques utilized for installation and repair of HVAC systems, piping and plumbing systems, various types of pumps, fans, agitators, tanks, pollution abatement equipment, electrical switch gear, motors, electrical distribution systems, motor control centers, building automation systems, and process control.
Basic understanding of roofing systems, concrete/ masonry, carpentry, drywall, coatings, flooring, underground utility systems, civil work, fire protection systems, fire alarm systems, and security systems.
General knowledge of building codes and standards.
Proficient interpreter of mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, and architectural drawings.
Adept in means and methods necessary to motivate and direct crews of 20-30 tradesmen.
Effective communicator with fantastic customer relationship skills.
Detail and quality oriented with the ability to withstand extreme scrutiny of work.
Hands on supervisor

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Job Title: Safety Manager
Billet No: 2002-003
Reports To: HB/ra

Summary Statement:
Growing global manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the automotive, construction and industrial products market. Plant is the flagship of their US operations. Position vacant due to internal promotion. (Base salary 55K - 70K with up to 10% bonus).

BS in Engineering or related discipline.
Advanced degree or certification a plus.

5+ years safety management experience in process industry (food, pharma, Chemicals, Etc.) or manufacturing.

Physical and/or Other Requirements:
Must be in good physical condition. Able to lift 50 pounds. Work 12 hour shift and work overtime.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Position is responsible for the development, implementation, and monitoring of all environmental and safety - related initiatives.
Includes employee interaction
Coordinating all safety auditing and training programs.
Reporting to OSHA and EPA and state regulatory agencies.
Documentation reviews, and statistical analysis.
Reports to VP Operations with dotted line to corporate

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